1.- General Motorhome Rental Conditions

The driver of the vehicle, referred to as Motorhome, should be at least 30 years old with a Class B or international equivalent that is up to date with at least five years experience. If there are more drivers, you must inform and present an up to date driver’s license.

The client will list the names of those occupying the vehicle during the rental period. It’s forbidden to transport more people than indicated.

The client will inform of their route. This way Rolling Patagonia will be able to provide some tips and advice about the selected road conditions to help you have a better experience.

In case of crossing into Argentine territory, the client should inform with at least 15 days notice before obtaining the vehicle. That being said, in order to do the necessary procedures to inform the corresponding authorities with a charge of $25.000 CLP. Notwithstanding the above mentioned, the client will also purchase corresponding international insurance. In case of falsifying documents, the renter will assume all the responsibilities of the matter. The lease contract will be unilaterally terminated by the renter and the monies paid will not be refunded.

2.- Reservations and Payment Conditions

There must be two payments to make a reservation and then make a payment of the rental unit. The first corresponds to the reservation of the service. This consists of 40% payment of the total value of the lease. This should be made in cash and can be made through a bank transfer or deposit into checking account #: 2800514608 with Banco de Chile in the name of Chile Austral Limitada, identification number (rut) 76.525.733-6. Send the transfer or deposit receipt to

The second payment is for the total price of the rental, which is the remaining 60% of the rental value. This payment can be made up to a maximum of 20 days prior to the date of delivery of the unit. If you decide to cancel your reservation before 20 days prior to the date of delivery of the Motorhome, the value of the reservation initially delivered will not be refunded. (40% of the total value of the lease). If you decide to cancel your trip during the 20 days prior to the withdrawal, only 20% of the second payment will be refunded.

3.- Warranty

The client will additionally leave a guarantee of $1.100.000 CLP in case of disaster in any event. This guarantee must be delivered at the time of receipt of the unit. This can be delivered in cash or Credit Card. In case of no accident or damage, the guarantee will be returned in full after the check of the leased unit. It is recommended while returning the Motorhome, to have at least 30 minutes for the respective pre-check.

All the above must be recorded and protected in the rental contract and their respective guarantees.

4- About the receipt or return of the unit by the client.

The Motorhome is picked up and returned in the city of Coyhaique or in Balmaceda airport. If you opt to have the Motorhome picked up and returned at the Balmaceda airport, you must pay $65.000 CLP for each event. The return time will be no later than 12:00 on the last day of the contract. Delivery after said date and time will result in a surcharge equivalent to one rental day.

At the moment of receiving the vehicle, the driver must have at least 30 minutes for their induction of operating the vehicle. At the time of the return, the client must have another 30 minutes for the final inspection.

The Motorhome is delivered to the customer in optimal hygienic and sanitary conditions (empty waste tanks) as well as operational. These conditions will be checked with the customer when the said Motorhome is delivered. The above shall be recorded in a receipt or return statement, as appropriate, signed by both parties.

The Motorhome will be delivered and returned in the same condition it was received in: cleaned, with a full tank of fuel and gas and with no residual waste. Not complying with these condition will result in a penalty. In the case of fuel, a charge of $1.200 CLP per additional liter. In the case that the unit is dirty, $20.000 CLP will be charged for cleaning. In the case of residual waste, the client will be charged $30.000 CLP for that Rolling Patagonia will be in charge of removing it. Otherwise, it will be the responsibility of the customer to deliver it empty.

5- Conditions of Use.

For a correct use, in addition to the initial induction, Rolling Patagonia will provide a owner’s manual of each device and a quick guide to help in any malfunction.

The client should check the oil and cooling levels of not only the motors but also the electric generator every 1.000 kilometers.

In case there is a need to change the oil or another component, the manager of operations should be informed to authorize the change or the said maintenance. This expense must be rendered after the fact by presenting the receipt of the repair shop with the respective Motorhome’s license plate number.

The client promises to maintain all the Motorhome’s documents within his possession at all times.

Once the trip is over, the Motorhome’s condition will be reviewed. In the case that there are any damages or imperfections of appliances resulting from misuse, they will be paid by the client and discounted from the guarantee (warranty)?

NOTE: In case that climatic conditions could affect the security of our clients, Rolling Patagonia reserves the right to suspend service. Should this be the case, all monies will be returned or in its defect and previously agreed upon, will be issued a voucher to use the service at a later date.

6.- Damages or Losses

In case of damage to both the Motorhome’s installations and its mechanics, the customer must immediately report it to Rolling Patagonia for their respective assistance.

It is expressly established that, in the event of any damages of any kind that are attributed to the client, charges for repair and transfer will be applied to your account, even if they exceed the amount of the damage guarantee issued.

On the contrary, if the damage is due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure or can not be attributable to the client, charges for repair and transfer, if required, will be the lessor’s expense.

Provided that only in the case of finding that the damage is a fortuitous event or force majeure, and this implies a hindrance to continue the trip, a replacement vehicle will be provided.

On the contrary that another vehicle is not available, means of transfer, food, and stay (if any) for the family group individualized in the contract for return to Coyhaique/Balmaceda airport, along with a voucher for later use.

In case of minor accidental damage that does not require assistance and occurs in an established repair shop, the client must request a quote, validate it with Rolling Patagonia and deliver the subsequent proof of the repair shop where the repair was made. In this document, the license plate of the Motorhome must be written down for later reimbursement.

7.- Safety Equipment Included.

The Motorhome is delivered with the following accessories, which should be returned at the end of the trip. In case of loss or poor use of each accessory, the replacement will be at the expense of the client. If it not, it will discounted from the guarantee. The safety equipment and others are: wrench, hydraulic cat, triangles, extinguisher, basic emergency  kit, reflective vest, bucket, and funnel.

8.-Fines and Penalties

The client agrees to make good use use of the Motorhome by following the said instructions, not exceeding recommended speed limits established by general transit laws.

Given the above, the client is directly responsible for whatever infraction(s) given and in case of incurring major sanctions, it will be his responsibility to attend them.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the Motorhome or transport domestic animals. Failure of any of these restrictions will result in a fine of $300.000 CLP. It is prohibited to drive through penetration trails, pastures, crossing rivers or roads that are in poor condition and that affect the normal operation of the vehicle.

NOTE: Any other condition not directly established in this document will be recorded in the respective contract and / or user’s manual.

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