Our Beginnings

Hi! We are Cristóbal and Cecilia, a patagonian family that offers Motorhome rentals in Coyhaique, Aysen, Chile.

Many times while traveling the Carretera Austral, we thought to ourselves, “We would love to stay in this place!” but traveling with children and not having accommodations made us continue on our way.

Living in Coyhaique, every year we have seen more and more motorhomes or campers arriving to travel this area. You don’t have to be psychic to know why..

Of all these experiences, we said to ourselves, “Why not give all those who want to travel the Carretera Austral, the possibility of being able to rent fully equipped Motorhomes or Campervans? ” This is why Rolling Patagonia was born: to be able to be in all those must see places in comfort and equipped for adventure.

Our rental Motorhome and Camper rental offers

We rent Motorhomes, Campervans and Equipment. Our mini library, and of course, our knowledge and experience are at your disposition to orient and eliminate any concerns that may arraise as you plan your great adventure.

We invite you to get to know the scenic route and live this experience in this very special area.

The Aysen Region is  known as one of the least intervened areas of Chile.

The search for our Motorhomes or Campers was not random. We traveled the 900 kilometers of the Carretera Austral many times, and our units need to deal with 3 main characteristics while managing the road: a road principally made of dirt or gravel (80% gravel and 20% pavement), blind spots in the curves and majority of the road is narrow. Given this, we have chosen FORD MAJESTIC Compact and FORD MAJESTIC Family to enjoy your adventure.



Ford V-8 Gas 5.7 K
Automatic Transmission
Single Traction
Electric Generator
Solar Plate- Back-Up Battery 110 Volt
Fuel tank 208 Lts Capactiy
Gas Tank (GLP) 45, 8 Lts. Capacity
Fresh Water Tank 110 Liter Capacity
Hot Water Tank 22,7 Liter Capacity
Black Tank Capacity: 90 Liters
Grey Tank Capacity: 75 Liters
Gas Refrigerator LGP
Gas Stove with 3 burners
Bathroom with Shower
2 Double bed, and 1 single bed (Family size)
1 Double bed and 1 single bed (Compact size)
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