Rental policies and general rental conditions of Motorhomes.

The driver of the Motorhome or Camper Van, hereinafter the “vehicle”, must be at least 30 years old (required only in the case of the Motorhome). Class B driver’s license or its international equivalent a day and at least 5 years old. If there are more drivers, you must inform and present a driver’s license.

The client must provide a list of the occupants during the rental period. It is prohibited to transport more people than indicated.

The client must declare the route to be taken. In this way, Rolling Patagonia can provide you with accurate information to have a better experience.

In case of international crossing, you must inform at least 15 days in advance to request the corresponding authorization. The above has an additional charge of CLP 30.-. (This authorization does NOT include personal insurance, RCI or others).

In case of falsification of the delivered data, the client will assume all the required responsibilities. In addition, the contractual relationship will end and the money paid will not be returned.

1.- Booking and payment conditions

To make a reservation and subsequent payment of the vehicle rental, two payments must be made. The first corresponds to the reservation of the service consisting of the payment of 40% of the total rental value. Once this payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming the reservation of the vehicle.

A second payment corresponds to the payment of the balance with the payment of the remaining 60%. This payment must be made up to a maximum of 30 days prior to the vehicle delivery date. If you decide to cancel your reservation before 30 days, the amount paid will not be returned.

If you decide to cancel your trip with a later date, only 20% will be refunded.

Exceptionally and due to the current contingency related to COVID-19, the date of travel may be reprogrammed. To do this, you will have a maximum period of 1 year from the original date of travel.

2.- Guarantee

A guarantee of USD 1600.- must be left. in case of loss to any event. Said guarantee must be delivered upon receipt of the vehicle (Credit card only).

In the event that there is no loss or damage, the warranty will be fully refunded once the vehicle has been inspected. All of the above will be recorded and protected in the lease and its respective guarantees.

3.- About the delivery and return of the vehicle.

At the time of delivery, you must have at least 50 minutes for their respective induction. Once completed, the visual inspection and checking of the equipment will proceed. All of the above will be recorded in their respective “Check List”, which will be added to the lease.

The Motorhome or Camper Van is delivered sanitized (Considering the current sanitation protocol) and in optimal operating conditions. Additionally, it is delivered with full fuel and GLP Gas (Except for the Camper Van), a full water tank and with all the empty waste tanks.

To ensure its correct return, a recharge for cleaning of USD 40.- and sanitation USD 60.- should be considered for one time. (Waste tanks, cabin indoor and outdoor cleaning)

The Motorhome or Camper Van is delivered and will returned in the city of Coyhaique, Chile. If you choose to pick up or drop off at the Balmaceda airport, you must pay USD 85.- for each event.

If you want delivery or return in a different place to those already mentioned, you can consult the delivery and / or return rate.

The delivery schedule starts at 10:00 Hrs. and the return is until 12:00 Hrs. of the day the contract ends. The delay in the return will bring with it an associated fine of USD 65.- for each hour elapsed.

4.- Operating conditions.

For the correct use, in addition to the initial induction, Rolling Patagonia will deliver the user manual and a quick guide to help with any event.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the correct use of the leased property and in case of needing any repair, the person in charge must be notified immediately to authorize it.

Once the trip is finished, the return status of the vehicle will be checked. In the event of damage or defective devices, these will be charged to the customer and discounted from the guarantee.

NOTE: In the event that weather, road or other conditions may affect the safety of our clients, Rolling Patagonia may unilaterally suspend the service. For the above, a full refund will be made or, failing that, a voucher will be issued to use the service later.

5.- Damages.

In case of damage to both the implements of the Motorhome or Camper Van and their mechanics, the client must immediately report it to Rolling Patagonia for their respective assistance.

It is expressly established that, in the case of damages of any kind and if it is reliably verified that the damage is attributable to the client, the charges for repairs and transfers, if required, will be on his account, even if they exceed the amount of the warranty delivered.

On the contrary, if the damage is not attributable to the client, the repair and transfer charges, if required, will be paid by Rolling Patagonia.

It is established that, only in the case of verifying that the damage is due to fortuitous event or force majeure, and this, implies an impediment to continue the trip, you will proceed to return an available replacement vehicle.

On the contrary, if there are no available vehicles, the means of transportation, food and accommodation will be provided for your return to the city of Coyhaique / Balmaceda Airport. The maximum daily amount to be covered will be the equivalent of the daily rental value for the entire individualized family group in the contract.

In case of minor accidental damage, which does not require assistance and occurs in a place that has an established workshop, the client must request a quote, validate it with Rolling Patagonia and deliver the subsequent proof of the workshop where the repair was carried out.

In said voucher, the patent plate of the Motorhome or Camper Van must be individualized, for its subsequent refund.

6.- Equipment included.

The vehicle is delivered with the following equipment; Bedding * (Pillows, sheets, blankets and bed covers), complete crockery, table, camping chairs, satellite communicator, GPS, set of additional keys, spanner, hydraulic jack, triangles, fire extinguisher, basic kit, reflective vest, 1 spare tire, bucket and funnel.

* Only included in Camper Vans pillows.

7.- Penalties.

The client agrees to make good use of the Motorhome, follow the instructions provided, not exceed the recommended speed limits and comply with the general traffic laws.

He is directly responsible for the correct operation and for any infraction that is (are) dealt with, and in case of incurring greater sanctions, it will be his responsibility to attend to them.


Smoking inside the vehicle or transporting pets is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with any of these prohibitions will carry a fine of USD 500.-

It is forbidden to circulate on roads that are in obvious poor condition and that affect the normal operation of the unit, being the client’s responsibility to attend to any eventuality.

NOTE: Any other condition not established in this document will be recorded in the respective contract.